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Purebred Breeders, LLC Continues to Create Happy Families

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“‘Bertie’ (named for my dear husband Albert) is a force for good and endless pleasure in his small universe. He brings a smile and a giggle to everyone he meets. Our two lives are enriched by our shared experiences and love. Such creatures are another of God’s Blessings!”

Harriet Chmela, Massachusetts (Happy mommy to Bertie, formerly Coltin, the Cockapoo)


“It could not have been anymore easier, or they be anymore helpful than they were. They really are the reason I finally purchased Baxter. They made me feel secure regarding the adoption, even while being more than 2,000 miles away. I do not know how they could have been any better. Any breeder should feel fortunate to have them display their puppies.”

Keith and Paige Curtis, Michigan (Puppy owners of Baxter, the Golden Retriever)


“Wow! From beginning till end, everything went very smoothly. Everyone I dealt with was very nice and informative. Nash is the best puppy ever. The minute he came home he was already going on the pee pee pads. How great! I would definitely recommend Purebred Breeders to everyone wanting a puppy from a breeder.”

Susan Kravitz, New Jersey (Proud puppy owner of Nash, the Maltipoo)


“Purebred Breeders kept us informed daily by phone & email on the progress of our puppy from the time of selection to arrival,  pick up, and beyond. Thanks, Purebred Breeders, for your business integrity and quality service that far surpassed our expectations, especially your internet service which can be very scary and intimidating with today’s internet scams!”

Diana and David Peters, Florida (Puppy parents to Clara, the Boxer)


“Purebred Breeders is the best way to go, they are super friendly and will help you with any question’s you may have about your pup. I give them a huge BIG 10. Thank you so much for my pup, he’s doing well and very healthy. Once I get my family together I will send a picture of Loki.”

Marco Aguilar, Maryland (New owner of Lokie, formerly Winston, the Bulldog)


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Purebred Breeders Continues to Enjoy Satisfied Customers

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“My experience with the adoption of baby Gomer Boy was wonderful! We have bonded (such a good boy).  I would rate the breeder of my baby as right at the top! The whole experience was very professional, and I highly recommend to anyone wanting a healthy, well cared for, purebred puppy!”

Lane Ann and Robert Mende, Texas (New family to Gomer Boy, a Cocker Spaniel)


“From the moment I called Purebred Breeders, my counselor walked me through the entire process, answered all my questions, worked with me to get the exact puppy I wanted, and followed up to make sure all my questions were answered.

My apologies to everyone because we got the best puppy in the world.  He is even better than we had hoped, and our family is hopelessly in love with him.  I know that one day we will get another Havanese, and I know exactly who to call.  Thank you for being both professional and personable! I give you 10 paws.”

Mari Stiles, California (New mommy to Scotty, the Havanese)


“When I took “Gidget” for her health check, my vet, whom I consider superb, was amazed at her health records and her overall health.  He said, “Where did you get this puppy?  She is incredibly healthy, with no health issues observed at all.” After reading so many testimonies online about people’s satisfaction with their puppy, I felt strongly that this was the way I wanted to go when I selected a puppy. I haven’t been disappointed!”

Joyce Hilyard, Alaska (Mommy of Gidget, formerly Jetta, a Schnauzer)


“What an amazing experience, from beginning to end. You have some very kind and professional people there. And my pup came quickly and, just as promised, is a wonderful little guy. Thank you for everything.”

Guy Swartz, Illinois (Happy owner of Eli the Labrador Retriever)


“I would recommend Purebred Breeders to all the people that is looking for a nice puppy. They will find it here and save you the trouble of looking for a responsible breeder. Good experience with Purebred Breeders . Thanks a lot, my puppy is a sweety.”

Enrique Chavez, North Carolina (Puppy owner of Duce, a Rottweiler)


05 2013

More of the Fantastic Purebred Breeders Reviews

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“My sweet girl is loving, happy, and laid-back, and hopefully blending her into the family with another husky will be a positive experience. She is currently in one-on-one training, but is home one night per week until fully trained!  Thank you for such a terrific breed and puppy.”

Julie Dial, Texas (Mommy to Celia, the Siberian Husky)


“Our puppy is wonderful! From the moment we picked him up, it has only been 5 days, we all fell in love with Boomer! He is so far in top health, potty trained; you can tell his breeders really love their Bullies!”

Robbi Baragona, Louisiana (Proud puppy owner of Boomer the Bulldog)


“Purebred Breeders connected me with my 2nd beagle, and each experience was wonderful. When I picked Dixie up from the airport, it was love at first sight! She is adorable and a perfect fit with Pearl, my 2 yr old beagle. You guys are wonderful! When the time comes, I would absolutely go through Purebred Breeders again!”

Martha J. Hodge, California (Mommy to Dixie, a Beagle)


“I was impressed with your professionalism in finding the right Golden. At first I was leery because everything seemed so easy.”Sandy Bear,” aka Duke, has fit right into our family. Thank you.”

Alexandra Daitch, Connecticut (Puppy parent of Sandy Bear, Formerly Duke, the Golden Retriever)


“1st time purchasing a pet online, and everything was great! Oreo arrived in perfect health and condition. He is a great addition to out family, this was a great experience, and would not hesitate to do it all over. Carmella was wonderful to deal with, I give her 5 paws as well. We did end up buying Oreo’s sister as well, best decision we made; they are very happy being together.”

Robert and Cindy Alley, Maryland (Puppy parents to Oreo and Ashley, the sibling Chihuahuas)


“It sounded to good to be true, but it all went just as you said it would. I was so happy when I received the call about the flight, I cried. It all happened so fast. Harvey is doing great. He also is just like his discription stated. He’s healthy and happy, and we all love him very much. I am able to bring him to work so he’s not home alone. Thanks again.”

Ann Hyer, California (New owner of Harvey the Dachshund)


05 2013

Purebred Breeders Reviews from Extremely Thankful Customers!

Purebred Breeders Reviews

“Purebred Breeders is a top notch company. They are very caring and understanding and made the process of selecting a new best friend very easy.  My dog (Dasher) was handled in a very professional manner and arrived to my destination a very happy and loving pet. Do not hesitate to work with Purebred Breeders to select your new best friend!”

Jacqueline Massa, New Jersey (Mommy to Dasher, a Bichon Frise)


“We were initially leery of purchasing a puppy without being able to contact the breeder directly and/or see the home where little Camden was born. We fell in love with her online picture at first sight, which prompted me to conduct online research in order to check the company out and read reviews posted by other customers. I spoke with customer care and expressed my concern about flying a tiny 3 lb. puppy from Texas to Virginia, especially when I learned she had to change planes in Newark, NJ! They were courteous and kind in their attempt to alleviate my concerns by explaining that Continental was the airline of choice because they have climate controlled cargo areas for transporting live animals, but in spite of hearing this AND confirming it with the airlines, I was still concerned. I expected to meet a nervous, shaking and scared little girl, yet when she was brought out to us in her carrier and we opened the door to meet her for the first time, we found something quite different. Duchess (we changed her name) was not nervous, scared or shaking at all.  Instead, she was curious and a little cautious and barely had to be coaxed out of the carrier into my arms. I will never get over it and still cannot believe that we were able to obtain such a confident, loving, beautiful, and SMART little girl through an online transaction. She is truly incredible and is so much more “well adjusted” than we thought she would be. We simply cannot thank you enough.”

Dirk and Juanita Metzger, Virginia (Puppy Parents to Duchess, formerly known as Camden, a Shnauzer)


“This was a great experience. Everything was perfect. I was very nervous, but the breeder had done an amazing job with my puppy.  She is so sweet, already crate trained and was house broken in just one week. As a result, I have been able to bring her to work with me every day.”

Deborah Backiel, Pennsylvania (Mommy to December, a Havanese)


“I love my new puppy. She is learning to adjust to our schedule. Everyone that sees her, loves her. Purebred Breeders were very professional to work with. I look forward to many years with Phoebe.”

Sharon Shell, Michigan (New mommy to Phoebe, formerly known as Sipsy, the Maltipoo)


05 2013

Purebred Breeders LLC customer survey respondents

Purebred Breeders LLC - Welsh Corgi Pembroke“Very Professorial, Timely and caring throughout the process.

We lost our beloved Ginger (Corgi) due to illness. We discovered Purebred through our seaching to find a new tri color Corgi into our home.  The team was extremely caring and thoughtful through this trying time and helped us adopt Jasper into our home.  They have been amazing throughout the experience and handled all the details one step ahead of us to calm any fears.  I would personally like to thank Alex of Purebred who made it all work for us.  On Behalf of Ginger, and our Family Donna, James Ryan & Jim we are thankful to have Jasper join our family with our other dog Button.  I highly recommend Purebred and will always look toward them first in the future.”

–  James W., New York (Jasper, a Welsh Corgi puppy)


“Everything has been great and handled very professionally, I have encountered several of your staff members and all have been friendly and courteous to me and extremely helpful.

Having just lost our beloved Goldendoodle to cancer, we were heartbroken and feeling like we needed joy in our lives again.  Our vet office staff recommended Purebred Breeders to help us locate another Goldendoodle puppy.  Purebred Breeders has been awesome to work with every step of the way, checking to make sure that we received the puppy and she was doing well the first day, checking to make sure everything was going well for everyone on the second day, that we received the necessary paperwork and were getting the vet appointment check in time, etc.  They have been very thorough and complete. And, we have an abundance of joy in our home now!!!  Thank you Purebred Breeders!”

–  Pati S., Arizona (Amy Jo, a Standard F1-B Goldendoodle


“Everyone was wonderful to work with-this is the 1st time I have ever considered buying anything on line, let alone a puppy.  I saw her picture and talked with the staff and just decided to do it.

Our “Betsy” (now Maddie) is everything I thought she would be based on her picture.  We love her and she is a wonderful new member of our family.  I’m so glad I talked with Kevin at Purebred Breeders to ease any fears and answer all the questions I had before sending for her.  I’ve never purchase anything on the internet before, but Purebred Breeders made me feel confident enough to do so.”

–  Valerie S., California (Betsey, a German Shepherd)



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