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Purebred Breeders Reviews – Bringing a puppy home

Purebred Breeders Cockapoo puppy

“Questions were always answered promptly. Breeder did a wonderful job raising her, she is so sweet and smart, obeying commands already!

We immediately fell in love with Maggie (formerly Jasmine) when we met her at the airport. She is absolutely perfect! She has a great disposition, is affectionate, and is cute as a button. Everyone she meets asks us where we bought her. She has quickly become a part of our family and we are anxious to wake up each day and enjoy time with her!”

–  Timothy D., Pennsylvania (Jasmine, a Cockapoo)


“My experience with Purebred Breeders was excellent and Milo (re-named Dexter) is everything I had hoped for.  He is a healthy, lively and beautiful puppy. Thank You!”

–  Lily P., Arizona (Milo, now known as Dexter, a Pomeranian puppy)


“I have two other Westie’s one is six and the other is seven both were adopted one at 15 months the other at 3 years  I been wanting a puppy for two years after I learned the temperament of the dogs I had to learned the breed first before I take on anther dog. I’ve had my girl for seven years and the older boy for 3 years now. This puppy fits right in with my family Eli aka Lil Guy. The two year wait has been worth it and I will always be grateful to you guys for sending me a healthy and wonderful puppy.”

–  Dwayne B., Maryland (Lil’ Guy, known named Eli, a West Highland White Terrier)


“We as a family are really enjoying the experience of having a Lab as a member of our family. All the grand-kids are crazy about him.

We are considering purchasing a female from your organization in approx. a year.  Overall a great experience no hassles and everyone involved went the extra mile for us. Thank you!”

–  Albert and Dana E., Oklahoma (Dexter, a Labrador Retriever)



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Purebred Breeders LLC customer survey respondents

Purebred Breeders LLC - Welsh Corgi Pembroke“Very Professorial, Timely and caring throughout the process.

We lost our beloved Ginger (Corgi) due to illness. We discovered Purebred through our seaching to find a new tri color Corgi into our home.  The team was extremely caring and thoughtful through this trying time and helped us adopt Jasper into our home.  They have been amazing throughout the experience and handled all the details one step ahead of us to calm any fears.  I would personally like to thank Alex of Purebred who made it all work for us.  On Behalf of Ginger, and our Family Donna, James Ryan & Jim we are thankful to have Jasper join our family with our other dog Button.  I highly recommend Purebred and will always look toward them first in the future.”

–  James W., New York (Jasper, a Welsh Corgi puppy)


“Everything has been great and handled very professionally, I have encountered several of your staff members and all have been friendly and courteous to me and extremely helpful.

Having just lost our beloved Goldendoodle to cancer, we were heartbroken and feeling like we needed joy in our lives again.  Our vet office staff recommended Purebred Breeders to help us locate another Goldendoodle puppy.  Purebred Breeders has been awesome to work with every step of the way, checking to make sure that we received the puppy and she was doing well the first day, checking to make sure everything was going well for everyone on the second day, that we received the necessary paperwork and were getting the vet appointment check in time, etc.  They have been very thorough and complete. And, we have an abundance of joy in our home now!!!  Thank you Purebred Breeders!”

–  Pati S., Arizona (Amy Jo, a Standard F1-B Goldendoodle


“Everyone was wonderful to work with-this is the 1st time I have ever considered buying anything on line, let alone a puppy.  I saw her picture and talked with the staff and just decided to do it.

Our “Betsy” (now Maddie) is everything I thought she would be based on her picture.  We love her and she is a wonderful new member of our family.  I’m so glad I talked with Kevin at Purebred Breeders to ease any fears and answer all the questions I had before sending for her.  I’ve never purchase anything on the internet before, but Purebred Breeders made me feel confident enough to do so.”

–  Valerie S., California (Betsey, a German Shepherd)



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Find your puppy at Yorkie puppy

“It was such a wonderful experience. The puppy was just like the picture and he is very healthy, adjusted quickly, and he’s just perfect for our family….thanks everyone for getting him safely to me…and to the breeder…great job…he’s beautiful!!”

–  Isnet A., New York (Disney, a Yorkshire Terrier)


“Very efficient help from start to finish with very clear information every step of the way.

Through we have been united with our incredibly loving, healthy Miniature Dachshund Chumlee who has quickly stolen the hearts of the entire family, especially our Dogue de Bordeaux Cassia. After a bad experience with a puppy bought elsewhere with health problems it is very satisfying to have this healthy little guy in our lives. Thank you from the entire Miller family and a big happy bark from Cassia. She loves her little buddy.”

–  Marlene M., Pennsylvania (Chumlee, a Miniature Dachshund)


“You failed to tell me just how beautiful my new puppy would be!

A crowd formed in the airport as I removed my new puppy from the crate to get a good look.  I was so excited!!  When he climbed out of the crate, people literally gasped and asked, “What is he?” “Where did you get him?” etc.  Questions were coming so fast and I was trying to enjoy the moment of seeing such a fine looking pup.  He was the hit of the airport. I felt proud to own him!”

–  Mertis B., Michigan (Bobble, Labrador Retriever)


“I’ve spoken with several Purebred Breeders puppy experts and customer service folks, and was very impressed with the consistent level of professionalism.  I am an extremely satisfied customer and have already recommended your site to family and friends.

I stumbled across your site while searching for a Goldendoodle puppy to join our family.  Long story short – I am very impressed with the level of customer service and professionalism shown by your puppy experts and customer service representatives.  I was especially hesitant about the flight process.  The specialist with whom I spoke explained the flight process in detail and calmed my fears.  My pup’s arrival was flawless ~ when I met Zoey (formerly named ‘Ruby’) at the airport, it was love at first sight!  :)  She is smart, feisty, happy, healthy, and gorgeous!  Thank you for helping us find the perfect baby girl!!”

–  Linda E., Pennsylvania (Zoey, formerly known as Ruby, a Medium F1 Goldendoodle)


“I thought everyone I dealt with were both knowledgeable and professional.  I am especially grateful to Rickie for all he did for us.  Without him I am not sure we would have our little golden girl.”

–  Mary Ann D., Connecticut (Goldi, a Golden Retriever)


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New Purebred Breeders families

Purebred Breeders reviews Morkie puppy

“I was extremely happy with the overall process of geting the new pup. I interacted with several employees during the process and all exceeded my expectations of customer service.

Purebred Breeders have exceeded my expectations of quality and customer service. From the quality of customer care, billing, and sales, everyone I had interacted with was friendly, engaging, and willing to help answer any of my questions.

My little fella arrive happy and healthy and with information from the breeder on transition into his new home made his first couple days less stressful.

I would recommend Purebred Breeders to family and friends or anyone looking for an addition to the family.”

– Troy T., Virginia (Doggy dad to Bo Jangles, Morkie puppy)


“My vet said that she has never seen a breeder be so responsible with all of the de-worming and shots, she was very impressed.

I chose Purebred Breeders because they have such a high standard that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I am impressed with the quality of care of my puppy before I received her, my vet was too!”

–  Nikki S., California (Fur mom of Natalie, a Puggle pup)


“Our experience was 100% satisfaction all the way!!

We met Sir Mattingly (Matty) at the airport or 10/12/11.  It was love at first sight.  He was beautiful.  We are 3 senior citizens and have wanted a “little” beagle forever.  Matty is the love of our lives.  His homecoming was as anticipated as my own 4 sons births.  We have rescued 3 animals before Matty, but made up our minds that this time we would like to have a “baby” of our own.  We have not regretted that decision.  With each passing day he becomes more entrenched into  our hearts.  Thank you for fulfilling our dream.  You’re the best!!!!”

–  Rita C., North Carolina (New fur baby owner of Baby Ben, Beagle puppy)



02 2013 customer testimonials reviews Maltese puppy

“You guys made everything so easy!  Thanks!  I absolutely love my little guy!”

–  Adriane G., South Carolina (Pet parent of Teddie, a Maltese puppy)


“ is a top notch organization. They helped us find the perfect puppy for our kids.  From the moment he arrived, he felt like a member of the family.  Also they have so many resources for anyone who needs help bringing a puppy home. My 8 year old son loves his new companion & picked his name.  Ripjaw is a very sweet puppy with a great personality & fits so well into our family. I think it’s a wonderful experience when children learn how to care for a living creature & learn responsibility in this way.  My kids absolutely love this dog & though they have learned caring for a living animal is work, they also feel it’s totally worth it & feel the reward of a loving companion & playmate!

Thank you so much!”

–  Diane A., New Jersey (Puppy mom of Tyson, a Dachshund puppy)


“We love her so much in this short time.

My husband said he wouldn’t take 2 million dollars for her. We renamed her Holly & she’s as cute as a button.

Thank you so much  for all your help in finding our baby.”

–  Bill & Darlene M., Nevada (Puppy parents to Holly, formerly Little Sally, the Pomeranian)


“Billy is now Bailee,  He is smart and has a wonderful fun loving cuddling personality and plays great with the grandgirls. He is very handsome and he knows it.  He plays to my every emotion.  While he may get to be a little larger than I had thought when purchasing him, he is exactly what I was looking for in every other way!  Wonderful Boy!”

–  Sherry D., Pennsylvania (New dog owner to Billy, a Miniature Schnauzer)


“I appreciated that any questions before I purchased a puppy were answered in a very timely manner.  The information on what to take with me when I picked the puppy up at the airport was very useful.

Most of all, I have a beautiful, healthy Westie to love for the rest of her life!”

–  Jacquie S., Iowa (Fur mom to Jazz, West Highland White Terrier)


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