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Purebred Breeders Reviews – Bringing a puppy home

Purebred Breeders Cockapoo puppy

“Questions were always answered promptly. Breeder did a wonderful job raising her, she is so sweet and smart, obeying commands already!

We immediately fell in love with Maggie (formerly Jasmine) when we met her at the airport. She is absolutely perfect! She has a great disposition, is affectionate, and is cute as a button. Everyone she meets asks us where we bought her. She has quickly become a part of our family and we are anxious to wake up each day and enjoy time with her!”

–  Timothy D., Pennsylvania (Jasmine, a Cockapoo)


“My experience with Purebred Breeders was excellent and Milo (re-named Dexter) is everything I had hoped for.  He is a healthy, lively and beautiful puppy. Thank You!”

–  Lily P., Arizona (Milo, now known as Dexter, a Pomeranian puppy)


“I have two other Westie’s one is six and the other is seven both were adopted one at 15 months the other at 3 years  I been wanting a puppy for two years after I learned the temperament of the dogs I had to learned the breed first before I take on anther dog. I’ve had my girl for seven years and the older boy for 3 years now. This puppy fits right in with my family Eli aka Lil Guy. The two year wait has been worth it and I will always be grateful to you guys for sending me a healthy and wonderful puppy.”

–  Dwayne B., Maryland (Lil’ Guy, known named Eli, a West Highland White Terrier)


“We as a family are really enjoying the experience of having a Lab as a member of our family. All the grand-kids are crazy about him.

We are considering purchasing a female from your organization in approx. a year.  Overall a great experience no hassles and everyone involved went the extra mile for us. Thank you!”

–  Albert and Dana E., Oklahoma (Dexter, a Labrador Retriever)



04 2013

New Purebred Breeders families

Purebred Breeders reviews Morkie puppy

“I was extremely happy with the overall process of geting the new pup. I interacted with several employees during the process and all exceeded my expectations of customer service.

Purebred Breeders have exceeded my expectations of quality and customer service. From the quality of customer care, billing, and sales, everyone I had interacted with was friendly, engaging, and willing to help answer any of my questions.

My little fella arrive happy and healthy and with information from the breeder on transition into his new home made his first couple days less stressful.

I would recommend Purebred Breeders to family and friends or anyone looking for an addition to the family.”

– Troy T., Virginia (Doggy dad to Bo Jangles, Morkie puppy)


“My vet said that she has never seen a breeder be so responsible with all of the de-worming and shots, she was very impressed.

I chose Purebred Breeders because they have such a high standard that I couldn’t find anywhere else. I am impressed with the quality of care of my puppy before I received her, my vet was too!”

–  Nikki S., California (Fur mom of Natalie, a Puggle pup)


“Our experience was 100% satisfaction all the way!!

We met Sir Mattingly (Matty) at the airport or 10/12/11.  It was love at first sight.  He was beautiful.  We are 3 senior citizens and have wanted a “little” beagle forever.  Matty is the love of our lives.  His homecoming was as anticipated as my own 4 sons births.  We have rescued 3 animals before Matty, but made up our minds that this time we would like to have a “baby” of our own.  We have not regretted that decision.  With each passing day he becomes more entrenched into  our hearts.  Thank you for fulfilling our dream.  You’re the best!!!!”

–  Rita C., North Carolina (New fur baby owner of Baby Ben, Beagle puppy)



02 2013

The Purebred Breeders way

Purebred Breeders Pomeranian

“Transaction was a lot smoother than I thought it would be!

This was my first time buying a dog out of state, and I was a little hesitant! We feel in love with CARLEY, a toy Pomeranian, and had to have her. We thought about it, and went to other sites looking, and we kept coming back to her! Finally we pressed adopt and made the transaction! Everything went so smooth! She is a sweet little girl and we are very happy!”

–  Gary P., North Carolina (Carley, a Pomeranian)


“We received our puppy in very good health.  She is adorable, friendly, and smart.  If we ever want to get another puppy, it will be from Purebred Breeders.  I would like to thank the breeder for our puppy’s good-natured bloodline. Ruby is going to be a pet and we already love her.  She’s going to be a great companion.”

–  Don S., Arizona (Ruby, a Cocker Spaniel)


“This was a fabulous experience and our puppy is amazing.  We were told she was laid back and her litter-mate sister “got the party started”.  Ha!  This is the most playful, intrepid puppy we have ever had.  Endless amusement and integrated brilliantly with our 3 yo male Pom.  Thank you for a great new puppy and for your excellent and professional support every step of the way.

We have the cutest and most entertaining puppy in the world thanks to Purebreed Breeders!”

–  Barbara B., Virginia (Bailey, a Pomeranian)


“You were all FANTASTIC !

After having a bad online experience in the past, I was VERY nervous about purchasing a puppy from an online source.  But I have to say there aren’t words enough to express how wonderful you all were!!  And my pup is now home, and everything I had hoped for ! A Thousand Thanks!”

–  Viki G., Massachusetts (Austin, a Morkie puppy)



01 2013

Purebred Breeders Reviews From New Puppy Owners

Papillon Purebred Breeders reviews

“Skip arrived happy and healthy. We bonded right away. It has been a week now, and Skip and I are like two peas in a pod. He is even more delightful than you described!! I adore my new puppy and he adores me!!!! Thank-you for the time you spent with me while the arrangements were being made. Excellent customer service !! Purebred Breeders made the whole experience easy, all I had to do was pick Skip up! I’m certain I will be contacting you again. Thank-you  Purebred Breeders! Love, Lisa and Skip”

Lisa R., Washington (Skip, a Papillon pup)


“My experience with Purebred Breeders was outstanding.  I was a little hesitant at first ordering a puppy online, but all my fears were alleviated when they took us step by step through the whole process.  Excellent Company!”

Natalie C., Maine (Tela, a Yorkshire Terrier puppy)


“I do admit that I felt weird about adopting a dog online, but the people at Purebred Breeders made everything easy and seamless. Our new family member, Lilly (a Westie) is beautiful and we love her already! Thank you!”

–  Rachel S., Arizona (Lill, a West Highland White Terrier)


“One thing that will be important for you to deal with is the strange combination of very positive and very negative reviews on those corporate review sites.  I recognize that some disgruntled people will write all sorts of unsubstantiated or untrue things, but I have to say I hesitated before I took the leap based on some of the things that were written.  Glad I jumped, though, because our puppy is really wonderful, about as great as I could have hoped for.  Thanx.”

–  Morris C., Washington (Melody, a Maltese puppy)


“Thank you for bringing BonnieBlue (originally Aqua) into our lives. She obviously has been well-socialized and immediately became part of our family, which includes two older Boston Terriers.”

  Carolyn Tyler, Wyoming (Aqua (now BonnieBlue), a Boston Terrier pup)



01 2013

New Purebred Breeders puppy families

Purebred Breeders Maltipoo

Maltipoo puppy from Purebred Breeders

“I was skeptical at first to select a puppy on line. Purebred put me at ease and everything went according to the process explained and on schedule as well as alerting me to potential issues like flight schedule in order to prepare me.

All communications were professional and well thought out. This was appreciated given the excitement and apprehension of the whole process.

I secured a wonderful Maltipoo. I am a very detailed person and pay attention to professionalism, communications, responsiveness. Each person I spoke with at Purebred Breeders treated me like I was their only customer. If I could find any faults throughout my experience, I would note them.  Kudos to Purebred Breeders!!!”

–  Christine S., Massachusetts (Lily,  a Maltipoo puppy)


“Our dog “Marzipan” Is a joy to have in our family!  She is gentle and quiet and loves to be near her new family all the time. She adapts easily to new situations and is learning new puppy skills all the time. We love her!”

–  Frances W., Massachusetts (Daisy, a Yorkiepoo puppy)


“We appreciated all the detailed information and condition of our puppy. She is a super addition to our family. She is healthy loving and was very well taken care of before she was with our family. thank you to the caring breeders!”

–  Linda R., California (Ruby, Coton de Tulear)


“You were so easy to work with and my puppy is beautiful.  You took care of every detail including the shipping and help with potty training.  I have shared your website with my vet so she can help her clients locate the perfect puppy too.”

– Stephanie Z., Ohio (Windy, Maltese)


“Overall Excellent!

I am impressed above and beyond all expectations! We bought 2 Boston Terrier puppies who arrived, healthy, clean and almost fully house broken at 11 weeks! The pups were more expensive than other puppies but are worth every single penny. The service we received at purebred breeders was also top notch, clear and quite responsive. We would gladly be a reference to anyone considering a purchase!”

–  Christine M., California (Monroe, Boston Terrier)


12 2012